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    Review for Lemon La Vida Loca - All Of It

    4 / 10

    Whoever is allowing Leigh Francis (Keith Lemon) to keep making shows needs to be shot. I admit that every now and again Celebrity Juice can be funny, but this show Lemon La Vida Loca may be the worst thing I have ever had to sit and watch and even worse when I realised that this wasn't just one disk or two, this was three disks, jampacked with extras that I wouldn't want to experience even if you paid me.

    The set features Series 1 and the two Merry Keithmas episodes, Series 2 and then a full disk of extras. These episodes see Keith trying to take over the world of entertainment in various ways, such as trying to be a film and music star and bizarre interactions with various celebrities.

    The main idea is a spoof of the reality TV shows such as TOWIE or Keeping up with the Kardashians. However, what it fails to understand is that the reason why many people watch them is that it is real life and these people are genuinely this pointless, stupid or painfully awful. This show has Lemon with a girlfriend Rosie played by Laura Aikman, but loses her by the end of the first series and this leads to a ludicrous plot with him dating Jenny Powell, Myleene Klass and other failed attempts.

    The main problem with all this is that word 'plot'. Because this is Leigh Francis acting, rather than just living life as normal the show comes off as forced. Yes, even more so than the pseudo-reality of the shows it is supposed to be mocking. After about two or three episodes I was ready to throw in the towel on this show with it barely able to make me smile. I'm sure those who love Lemon (and you should be ashamed of yourselves for doing so) will love this series and this set which covers nearly six hours of him.

    Extras, if you were to care, include two commentaries on the first episode of Series 1 and the fifth episode of Series 2. I usually make a point of listening to these, but I couldn't. They exist and if you want to know more about the show I'm sure it will enlighten you.

    Deleted scenes are just more of the same and doesn't really add anything to the shows other than time, Outtakes are as funny as most I suppose with people forgetting lines or reacting to some of the stupid things happening, One Night In Jenny Powell – the full sex tape should have either been sexy or funny, but it was neither.

    The full version of his music video again should have worked, but just seemed forced and his Showreel is just all the bits of him acting or reenacting films which is probably the only funny things about the show. To be honest, if that is all the show had been I could have coped, but this was just less than six minutes of the six hours I had to sit through. Life is a Rollercoaster is basically Keith and Myleene Klass on a rollercoaster. Why would you want to watch it? Who knows!

    It's going to come as no surprise that I hated this series. I'm not a fan of Keith Lemon, but even I can see on things like Celebrity Juice how in certain situations that kind of character is funny. Here he is not. If you are a fan of the character or the show you may find a goldmine of funny stuff here, instead all I found was a blackhole of comedy.

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