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    Review for Celebrity Juice - Obscene and Unseen

    6 / 10

    Keith Lemon is either someone you love or hate and for me he's someone who every now and again can be hilarious, but for about 99.999% of the time I think 'Why is he so popular?' He seems to be everywhere. Celebrity Juice, his own feature film, it's amazing that someone who is essentially a one joke wonder can be this loved and famous. This DVD is the most obscene and unseen moments from Celebrity Juice and really it's just a glorified bloopers and naughty bits disk.

    I'm not a fan of the show and so I'm not sure if this is what happens usually, but I do have to admit any time I get to watch Holly Willoughby and Kelly Brook I am happy. Both (as well as Fearne Cotton) put up with a lot from Lemon and all I can imagine is that the contract to the show must have a 'all sexual harrassment is waived' and at times you wonder how far he will go. This also goes for many of the guests who seem to either have no shame or are up for anything. I can't believe that I have now watched Keith Lemon suck Lisa Snowden's feet!!?? Though his abuse of the useless Danny Dyer more than makes up for it. Also Alexandra Burke reaction to Keith's impression of an elephant is worth it for.

    Extras are a bit bizarre and most of them should have just been added to the main feature. These include Unseen Bits, The Hidden Talent Awards, Who's The Daddy, Don't Click Here. Bloopers are funny (though as I say the whole thing feels like one big blooper reel) these include Kelly Brook being unable to tell her left from her right, twice and whether it was Keith or Holly had the bigger boobs.

    Keith vs. Jedward: The Mekkin' Of is what it says and I'm not sure why anyone would want to see it. Teenage Boys Click Here is a montage of all the sexiest parts of the show. Basically it's just lots of slow motion of the babes bouncing up and down and everything else that could be shown in that way.

    If you are a fan of Keith Lemon or the show I can understand why you would enjoy this. It has its moments and even though I don't watch it and indeed don't know who half of the celebrities were who appeared there were moments that did make me laugh. If you want a few hours of silly, saucy and downright naughty humour then this may be the disk for you.

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