Review for The Best of WCW Nitro Volume 2

8 / 10

When I watched the first WCW DVD the one thing I felt was that if I knew that this was the first one they probably should have including only a few specific years rather than the time jumping that it did. Instead, much like that DVD I find myself watching this second set of nine hours wondering what is missing and whether there will be a third set to rectify that.

Now WCW ran for five years and so it is possible, as with WWE Raw or Smackdown, that you could fill countless sets with 'Best of Matches' etc. However, I do feel when watching this set, that maybe this will be the last one and that is why we are spoilt with a great variety of moments that were not featured on the first set. It is a shame that they have to keep coming back to host Diamond Dallas Page, who I understand why he is there, just feels so out of place and at times his stories are just boring and more or less just describe exactly what we just saw. Maybe if he had someone like a Booker T or another WCW alum to go back and forth with it would have been better.

One of the more surprising things was the fact that they did not include on that first one the surprise debut of Lex Luger (in the middle of an excellent Flair/ Sting match) or Madusa dropping what was then the WWE Women's belt in the trash is surprising. These were two of the most iconic moments, not just in WCW, but in wrestling history. The mix of matches featured across the three disks shows that WCW, at times, had some of the best wrestling in the world.

Highlights include The Steiner Brothers against The Road Warriors, two of the greatest tag teams in the world and certainly one of the best matches by either team. Rey Mysterio against Juventud Guerrera for the WCW Cruiserweight belt shows just why Mysterio was such a star and also why when WCW were cutting costs left and right, these two were the ones they kept.

A great match included was the original nWo group of Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall against Sting, Macho Man Randy Savage and The Giant (now Big Show in WWE). It is great to see the late Macho Man (and Miss Elizabeth who accompanies him and looks gorgeous as always). This was a great match and could have been a PPV main event. It is also to see Sting in his 'Crow' gimmick that made him so creepy during this time.

Another interesting two matches are Goldberg against Hugh Morrus in his debut match and against Raven for the US Title. Raven was on a roll coming from ECW and Goldberg was in the middle of his amazing streak and so you could almost predict what was going to happen. But it is still a great match to watch and I never tire of watching Goldberg do the jackhammer.

It would be difficult to say whether any of the set is filler, because it depends what you are hoping to watch. I can say that if you are looking for some great matches and a nice trip back down memory lane, then this is certainly a set that would do that. Whether you enjoy everything will be up to you. Personally, I thought they hit the right amount of matches, segments and even some of the intros by DDP to make it a pretty good set and though I doubt there is much left to fill a third set, if they wanted to try I know that I would probably sit through all that too.

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