Review for TNA Turning Point 2012

9 / 10

TNA is a company that tries so hard to do everything right. It gives us (at times) the best technical matches, best tag team wrestling and the best women's matches (and when was the last time I used those phrase when talking about WWE) and also some of the most recognisable names in wrestling. This company tries so hard and it is really when you get to their PPVs that you see some of that. This PPV was a good mix of matches and though I do think at times it was run of the mill, but in TNA even average is better than most of the run of the mill WWE offers.


I do have to point out that as awesome as some or most of this was, as a long time TNA fan I know that they can do much better. Samoa Joe vs Brutus Magnus for the TNA TV Title was fine and it is nice to see Joe (one of my favourites of all time) showing just why at one point he was considered the best in the world. ODB and Eric Young against Tara and Jesse was fie, nothing special, but not horrible. DOC against Joseph Park was filler, but still entertaining filler and even Kurt Angle against Devon wasn't as good as we know The Olympic Champion can be.

This is really all the negatives that can be said about the PPV... not exactly much, right?

Now we get on to the great stuff and boy does TNA knock it out of the water with an awesome X Division Title match between Rob Van Dam and Joey Ryan. Sure, I have seen RVD do better, but this was still an excellent match. Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez against Kazarian and Christopher Daniels for the TNA Tag Championship was just what a tag match should be. As a tag fan, I love this type of match and these two teams were amazing together.

The Triple Threat between James Storm, AJ Styles and Bobby Roode could have been the main event itself. It is a wonderful match and really only three guys could work this well together and still make you care about each of them. I found myself at times routing for each one to win and each time I thought they might, the match changed tempo. This was just amazing to watch. My only issue with this is that it should have been a little longer or been elimination style, but that's only a little quibble.

Finally, we have what was one of the craziest matches ever between Champion Jeff Hardy and former champion Austin Aries. OMG!? That is all I can say. If you ever wanted to watch two of the best high flying, daredevils who will put their body on the line for the business they love, this is the match to watch. I was stunned by it. This is the kind of match that will only happen every so often and I'm glad to say that both men are still able to walk so we could possibly see it again. If you don't know who Austin Aries is, then after this match you will want to know more as this was amazing.

Unlike most PPV DVDs (cough WWE cough) the inclusion of two disks to include special features is wonderful. Usually this is saved for just the big PPVs and so it is nice to see a company treat all PPVs as such. This disk features a Turning Point Promo and Music Video, a Five Minute Interview segment which would be nice if they had separated by the person interviewed. What is great, is the inclusion of the Before the Bell show that TNA produce. My only issue with this is that on this one disk is probably about an hour's worth of footage and really the inclusion of a few more promos or matches from Impact would have made this even better and shown why certain matches were on the PPV or the fallout from any from the Impact after the PPV. That being said, it is nice to get them all the same.

TNA Turning Point 2012 is a wonderful PPV. It is certainly a great showing from TNA and shows exactly why when people want to watch 'wrestling' that rather than going to the WWE, many people are now turning to this promotion. It has taken them over ten years to show what they can do and I do hope that this is the first step to showing the whole world that they do it better.

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