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Over 1000 episodes have created many great Raw moments. I'm sure we all have our own and what I liked about this set is that it is not just a compilation and not just a clip show introduced by a B-Grade announcer like most of these types of shows. However, I do often wonder how these 100 were selected? I thought instead of just going a cherry picking the best and worst ones I would have a look at them and see whether they deserve to be here at all.

100 Undertaker and Triple H's Silent Stare. Now this is the very definition of 'a moment'. Great.

99 Was Santino drinking tea really one of the Top 100 Moments? Really?

98 Evolution Kicks out Randy Orton. This is a moment I did not see coming and was certainly one of the most shocking moments in Raw. It was just so unexpected.

97 Wrestlemania 14 Challenge. This isn't so much a moment, but a collection of moments. But certainly Undertaker at his most theatrical.

96 Mouth to Mouth. I don't know. I can't quite tell if this utterly homophobic or not, certainly a product of its time.

95 Sheamus puts Mark Cuban through a table. If I knew who Mark Cuban was it might have been more important. (By all accounts he's a billionaire, so a bit like if he did it to Richard Branson?)

94 Are You Ready For Some Wrestling? Trish in a towel. Need I say any more?

93 DX Mock the McMahons. Funny, but a bit, but not exactly hysterical.

92 Tuxedo Match. Howard Finkel vs Harvey Winkleman? Why? Just why?

91 Seth Green is First Celebrity Host. If only he had been the last and we didn't have to suffer that gimmick for over a year?!

90 Snitsky Punts Kane and Lita's Baby. Poor taste, but crazy!

89 Shawn Michaels Superkicks Hulk Hogan. Out of nowhere and amazing, brother!

88 Mr McMahon Trains for the Royal Rumble. How is this not Top Twenty at least? This is one of
the best McMahon moments ever. Him chasing after the chicken. I crack up every time I see that.

87 Loser Leaves Raw Ladder Match. Edge vs Matt Hardy. One of the best ladder matches I have ever seen. Also Lita has never looked better. Some crazy moments and certainly a match to watch again.

86 Mr McMahon is Bald. Awful comedy. Awful!

85 The Rock's Eulogy for Stone Cold. The Rock and Austin at their best.

84 Santino Marella: Milan Miracle. This is where it all started. So we have Bobby Lashley to

83 Mr McMahon's Birthday Bash with DX. I don't know why this is here. Maybe they really should have just chosen one DX goofing around moment, this certainly wasn't one of the best.

82 Marty Jannetty vs Shawn Michaels. A great early match from these two and shows that even if he never got to the heights of HBK, Jannetty was also as great. Great match.

81 Edge's Retirement Speech. Sad moment.

80 Triple H takes over DX. A great moment which a shocking 'shoot' feel to it.

79 Hugh Jackman punches Dolph Ziggler. Great moment and probably one of the best hosts. I mean he is Wolverine after all.

78 Musical Chairs. Oh God! I forgot about Eugene! Make it stop!

77 Big Show's First Match. Imagine this. Your first match is against Stone Cold Steve Austin? This was a great match.

76 An Hour in England. HBK against Cena for an hour. Possibly one of the best matches that has ever been on Raw.

75 Loser Leaves Town Match. Ric Flair against Mr Perfect. Sure it's not the technical match you would expect, but boy is this a fun match!

74 Triple H and Shawn Michaels Reunite DX. DX again? Though to be fair this was a pretty shocking moment.

73 CM Punk Cashes in Money in the Bank. This was bound to be on here. Not as shocking as when Edge did it, but a wonderful moment and one of those times when you were happy that the company had the belief to give Punk the opportunity he deserved.

72 Stephanie Announces her Pregnancy. Really? I mean I love seeing Steph as much as the next man, but this was just horrible. Saying that... she did look great though.

71 Bret Hart vs. Stone Cold Streetfight. Do you need me to actually comment? I mean you know this is going to be great. And it is.

70 Floyd Mayweather Confronts Big Show. I often wondered if Ricky Hatton had won his fight against Mayweather whether it would be him in this spot? A great moment.

69 Kofi Kingston Boom Boom Boom! Erm... I wonder who actually remembers this? Anyone? Thought not.

68 Hornswoggle is Mr McMahon's Son. A classic example of 'best laid plans...' A horrible storyline, with an even worse payoff? Stupid. Surely, Sandman would have been funnier!

67 Y2J throws HBK into the Jeritron 5000. Memorable? Really?

66 Cemented Corvette. Wonderful. Anything Austin does is wonderful. McMahon's reaction to all this is even better!

65 Donald Trump Crashes Raw. Remember this? If you got any of that money I'm sure you did!

64 Shawn Michaels Farewell Speech. I get the feeling at this point that the majority of these moments will be retirements or celebrities. This was a great way to commemorate HBK's amazing career.

63 The Rock Makes Fun of Toronto. This wasn't memorable as such, more The Rock being an ass. The more I see of it, the more I think it was just bad, forced comedy. Not him at his best.

62 Bob Barker Hosts Raw. Funny in parts and it certainly was a fun show.

61 Greater Power Revealed. I don't care what anyone thinks about this storyline, I loved it and this reveal was so obvious and yet because of that I still didn't see it coming. McMahon and Austin's feud at its apex. (Shame they don't include Austin as CEO though)

60 Intercontinental Title Over A Bridge. This is really where the Austin/Rock feud started (or got heated up) and the audacity of Austin to do what he did was wonderful.

59 Dumpster Incident. Crazy moment. Utterly crazy.

58 Miz Cashes in Money in the Bank. See CM Punk cashing it in. Sure it was a great moment for The Miz, but it didn't really have the impact that a lot of them had.

57 US vs Canada Flag Match. A good match and most 'on a pole' matches are awful. Maybe it is because of the people involved and really with the calibre of talent in the match (Taker, Austin, The Hart Foundation) you couldn't go wrong.

56 Ric Flair Retirement Celebration. I thought this would have been higher. Same as HBK and Edge. A great tribute to one of if not THE BEST.

55 Lita vs Trish Stratus. Two of the best female wrestlers of all time. Watching this makes me sad at the state the Divas division is in these days. These two could teach the women of today so much.

54 Chris Jericho 'Wins' the WWE Championship. What a moment! This was the win we all wanted and we all hoped would happen. Jericho deserved it and he got screwed. It made us hate Triple H and love Y2J even more. Thought this would have been higher.

53 Dude Love Debuts. Not my favourite of Foley's characters', but this was fun nonetheless.

52 John Cena vs Kevin Federline. Who? Oh, Mrs Britney? The one time WWE could have done something right and have Cena smack the taste of Federline out of our mouths. We would have loved Cena for that. Instead we get this!?

51 Goldberg Debuts. Who better to shut up The Rock? Goldberg that's who. I know few people like Goldberg, but as an impact wrestler (other than Warrior) no one was ever better.

50 Brock Lesnar Returns to Raw. I never thought I would see this again. It seemed like Brock had burnt this bridge, but this was amazing. His confrontation with Cena was electric.

49 Formation of Evolution. Not exactly an amazing moment, but seeing these four and looking at what they all achieved is pretty amazing.

48 DX Reunion at Raw 1000. DX reuniting again? This was interesting for the return of X-Pac and the New Age Outlaws, but really what makes this stand out?

47 Shaq Attacks the Big Show. Eugh! Another guest host attacking a superstar? Seen it!

46 Mankind Attacks Jim Ross. This was a scary moment and probably one of Mick Foley's greatest performances. It is crazy how Foley never made the move into the movies. Wonderful moment by both Mick and Jim Ross.

45 Rock vs Cena- One Year Away. It is almost a great moment, but I think the fact we had to wait a year for it, took something away. Unlike Hogan/Rock, this was great, but it wasn't epic.

44 Bret Hart Shoves Mr McMahon. It was a great match, a great ending and a great moment at the end. A crazy almost shoot moment.

43 Vader Attacks Gorilla Monsoon. Crazy moment. And when you see him doing moves like that it is crazy. Seeing him do it to Monsoon is even crazier.

42 Jeff Hardy Swanton off Tron. This is almost typical Jeff Hardy. A crazy WTF moment that you know only someone like Mick Foley could top... but Jeff will certainly try.

41 Stone Cold Drives Zamboni. This was one of the classic Austin getting McMahon moments. I'm still not sure what a Zamboni actually does, but in Austin's hands it's lethal. Also has my favourite Austin taunt 'I ain't through with you Vince. Not by a long shot!'

40 Choppy Choppy Pee Pee. Oh dear god this is painful to watch.

39 Mike Tyson Joins DX. This is probably one of the few celebrity moments that truly deserves to be in this list and probably should be higher. It was a great moment.

38 Batista Quits the WWE. Good riddance.

37 Bret Screwed Bret. How is this not top ten? This is one of those which really should have had a good long section instead of the few minutes it was given. I wish this had been shown in full.

36 D-Generation X Forms. Finally a DX moment that means something. This was certainly a moment... or moments.

35 Nexus Wreak Havoc. Surprising they would include this, especially after the fallout with Daniel Bryan. But certainly one of the last craziest moments in Raw.

34 Live Sex Celebration. One of the highest rated segments in Raw? Ok I can see why and Lita never looked hotter.

33 Mr McMahon vs Stone Cold. With 'One arm tied behind your back!' I love this segment and in fact the whole of this show was wonderful.

32 The Rock challenges Hulk Hogan. Now this is a shocker. I would have said this was at least Top Twenty if not Top Ten. One of those moments, like Rock/Cena that will live on. The confrontation of the past and present was epic!

31 Stone Cold Stuns Mr McMahon. Again? Who is doing the selecting. If you wanted a moment. A moment that is played over and over and over and this is one of them. Austin's first stunning of McMahon is that moment.

30 DX Invades Norfolk Scope. OK. So wait? Have I fallen asleep and I'm at the top ten already? I'm not? This is really at 30. One of the most talked about moments in the war with WCW, the history of DX, or WWE for that matter... and it isn't Top Ten? What?

29 Debut of Monday Night Raw. Does anyone remember this? Really? All I remember from it was that Damien Demento jobbed (yeah I called you a jobber) to Undertaker.

28 Mae Young Powerbombed. Do I care? No, not really.

27 WCW/ECW Alliance. This turn, the turn of the ECW team against WWE was a creepy moment and certainly one of the few highlights of the Invasion. Paul Heyman at his best... until the end... sheesh!

26 The Rock Returns. This isn't so much one moment as a collection. But not exactly memorable.

25 Bedpan McMahon. Debut of Mr Socko and that 'bong' from the bedpan is just wonderful.

24 Bret Hart Returns to Raw. Hell had frozen over. A wonderful moment for a legend. And between Bret and HBK we all expected a brutal confrontation or a swerve from one of them. Instead it was a magical and emotional moment.

23 Triple H Returns to Raw. And now here's a return that means utterly nothing. Sure he came back after a brutal injury, but really do we remember that?

22 Undertaker vs Jeff Hardy. One of the best ladder matches I have ever seen. This was the match that made Hardy a superstar and not just a wannabe daredevil. A wonderful match that I wish they had included as an extra. The ending was just wonderful.

21 Kurt Angle Milk Truck. A funny moment from Kurt and so unexpected.

20 123 Kid Upsets Razor Ramon. Definitely one of those 'anything could happen' moment. This was one of those matches that everyone remembers.

19 Batista Turns on Evolution. Why is this so high? Sure it was crazy, but who remembers that?

18 Foley Wins WWE Championship. 'Yes this put some butts in seats'. This was an amazing moments and you could see how much this meant to Foley.

17 Bischoff- New Raw GM. This was almost like taking a suitcase of money and setting fire to it. A McMahon/Bischoff feud on Raw would have been huge. BIschoff as GM. While a crazy moment, was a wasted opportunity. But I got to admit I never saw that coming!

16 Shawn Michaels Loses His Smile. Yet was able to dance around like a goof a few weeks later? Co-incidence? Certainly a moment though.

15 Sable Wears a Potato Sack. Puppies. Wow!

14 Mr McMahon Appreciation Night. I cannot believe that they had the guts to include this? This was possibly the worst moment on Raw and yes it was memorable, but not for a good reason! This was just a stupid moment that almost had the stockholders convinced he had died?

13 PIllman's Got a Gun. Followed by one of the scariest and stupidest moments in WWE.

12 Vegas Wedding. Why is this so high? I mean shocking and all that, but certainly not almost a Top Ten moment?

11 Kane Unmasks. I'm still not sure about this. This is almost one of thos, maybe he should have won the title and kept the mask on. Instead the unmasking of Kane was slightly anti-climactic. Certainly shouldn't be this high.

Ok so here we are the top ten moments in WWE Raw 1000 shows.

10 Wrestlemania 26 Challenge. No this wasn't.

9 Raw/Nitro Simulcast. This was definitely a moment that will be remembered. The first time that WWE finally destroyed WCW and gloated about it on WCW's own show? Shane appearing on WCW is crazy and was the start to what could have been the greatest storyline in wrestling history.

8 Rock Concert. Oh GOOD GOD NO! Why? I agree it was funny (in parts) but why is this in the TOP TEN??!!

7 DX Mocks the Nation. I always loved this, but without knowing who The Nation are newer fans might find it hard knowing who exactly DX were trying to be. Still funny for those who know.

6 #1 Draft Pick. John Cena. No one expected that. Not sure if it deserves a Top Ten spot, but certainly a moment.

5 Pipe Bomb. The very definition of a 'moment'. This should have been shown in full as it was one of the best promos in Raw history. CM Punk is wonderful and he was never this great again.

4 Tyson and Austin. 'You ruined it! You ruined it!' Now this was a confrontation. Forget Shaq and Show. This was a moment for you.

3 Millennium Man. 3, 2, 1. Break the wall down! Jericho's debut was one of the coolest intros and one of the best 'doesn't matters' from The Rock.

2 This Is Your Life. I didn't enjoy it, but I have to admit at the time it was fun and it was great to see Mick and The Rock actually having fun. One of the highest Raw segments ever and I can understand why.

1 Beer Bath. What else could it be? I could have predicted this was number one before I even put the first disk in. If you ask anyone for a moment from Raw, most people will say Austin/Beer Bath. This is one of those moments that was beyond anything you had ever seen before and certainly one of the most memorable and an excellent choice for number one.

The third disk includes the full Raw 1000 show which features some great moments in itself. These include AJ and Daniel Bryan's marriage... or not marriage. Reuniting of DX and Taker/Kane, appearances by The Rock, Bret Hart and a wonderful look at the feud between Austin and McMahon. Also a crazy match between Heath Slater and Lita (who has never looked better) and topped off with a wonderful main event between CM Punk and John Cena, which could have been a PPV main event.

Also a 'Making of' that episode, which I thought would have been an indepth look at the history of Raw and not just that one episode. This is basically the team setting up the stage and lots of scenes of people backstage. Some of this is pretty cool with Stone Cold, Rock and other Legends mingling around backstage. But this isn't the indepth look at how an epsiode is cre`ated, more just how they are before the show starts.

6 bonus Moments including WCW on Raw which features Booker T against Buff Bagwell which some have declared one of the worst matches in Raw history and the reason why we never saw Bagwell in WWE after that.

It is hard to think if they actually got this right and I do wish they had just gone chronologically so that it would stop people like me complaining. There are a few missing, such as the Owen Hart appreciation night and a few others, but I think this is pretty much spot on. I do wish that instead of including the Raw 1000 in full they had included a disk of the most prominent ones in full or at least the Top Ten. It would have been nice to have seen more of some of the matches that are highlighted as moments too. However as a look at the best of Raw it certainly shows why it has lasted so long and why so many people still tune in every monday.

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