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    8 / 10

    Bobby Heenan is the greatest manager of all time. End of story. Everyone agrees. In fact throughout this DVD not one person says 'actually it's...' No, he's the best manager of all time. Ok? Now that that we have that out of the way, I shall also add that he is the greatest commentator of all time. Now don't get me wrong, Jim Ross and Gordon Solie were great, but for colour commentary there is no one better. Don't mention Jerry Lawler, Michael Cole or Tazz. If you do, I'll have to slap you. No commentator was able to make a star better than Bobby Heenan. This DVD will put to bed any doubts on these two issues as it goes through the best of Bobby 'The Brain' Heenan.

    This two disk set is divided (as it should be) into one disk featuring a one hour documentary covering Heenan's career and the other disk full of matches. The documentary (though a little short) is actually pretty good. It covers his entire career, his early years, time in AWA (where he was so hated that someone even tried to shoot him!), his move to the WWE and creation of the 'Heenan Family' stable. Here he became the 'manager of champions' of such greats as Andre the Giant, Ravishing Rick Rude, Mr Perfect, Haku, Barbarian and more. Then it covers his stint hosting The Bobby Heenan Show (I'm surprised they didn't include any on the set), commentary with Gorilla Monsoon, his miserable stint in WCW and finally ends with his thoroughly deserved induction into the Hall of Fame (included in full as an extra). Full of archive footage and interview this is a perfectly put together documentary, sadly the only thing that is missing is Bobby Heenan himself who does not seem to appear, but then it's always better when it is other people telling you how great someone was rather than them just saying it themselves.

    The second disk features multiple matches with Heenan and this is the only real downside to set is that it doesn't feature any matches with him as a manager. I know his role in these matches is usually minimal, but it's also usually the most important part of the match. The easy way around this would be to provide these matches with an alternate commentary. However, the main reason you should get this set is because it includes the entire 1992 Royal Rumble. Now this is possibly Heenan's best commentary... no scratch that... it is the best commentary performance that there has ever been. His praise of Ric Flair and derision of others throughout is wonderful and something that all up and coming commentators should view to show them just how it is done. Also it is the greatest Rumble ever and I never need an excuse to watch a Rumble.

    Bobby 'The Brain' Heenan is a great tribute to Bobby the Wrestler, Bobby the Manager, Bobby the Commentator and Bobby the Man. It features a great mix of interviews, matches and features that really shows just why Bobby was the Brain and don't you humanoids forget it!

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