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G'day again cobbers...

7 / 10


You might be saying "who?" So, let's talk about Jim Jefferies briefly.

Jim Jefferies is an Australian stand up comedian who is popular on the UK stand up circuit. For a while he became known for being punched on stage at the Manchester Comedy Store. You may have seen him on TV in things like Have I Got News For You, Never Mind the Buzzcocks, News Knight and other TV stand up shows.

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Like compatriot Brendon Burns, his style is very much based on a confrontational delivery of material that makes some people rather uncomfortable, although the material is quite different.

This show is based on his 2010 Edinburgh festival show and was recorded earlier this year in London. It is in fact still touring up to the end of 2010, so it's an interesting choice to put it out on DVD before the tour ends. I could have gone to see this show this week, but I've watched the DVD instead.

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Video and Audio

Nothing to complain about here, a 1.78:1 anamorphic transfer as you would expect and a DD2.0 stereo soundtrack that's just fine. It might be even better on the final DVD, as this was a DVD-R review copy.

Extra Features

Sadly, this screener-style DVD contains nothing but the show. Jim's previous DVD had some good extras, so this one might have, but I have no information about them.

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Jim Jefferies is a good stand up comedian, and whilst this show is definitely to everyone's taste, he has good timing and delivery and just about gets away with his "lovable larrikin" ways. His material is quite personal (as well as some comedic attacks on different groups of people) and he will certainly never have universal appeal.

If you enjoy comedy that's not always comfortable and safe, you'll enjoy Jim. But this is not for the easily offended, so you have been warned. You won't want to sit round watching this one with the family on Christmas day, so keep it to yourself if you find it in your stocking on December 25th.

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The show is around 75 minutes long. Part of me wanted it to be longer (I see a lot of shows that get worked up towards 2 hours from their 1 hour Edinburgh slot), and part of me wonders if you can take much more of Jefferies. An interesting conundrum...

I must just finish with a final moan. The review copy had an annoying "For Promotional Use Only" subtitle splashed across the screen, which flashed every minute. VLC very kindly removed it from the screenshots here, but it's annoying that PR companies still feel that this is required...

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