Review for WWE Live In The UK: April 2010

6 / 10

WWE Live in the UK: April 2010 features the four shows Raw, NXT, Superstars and Smackdown all filmed at the London's O2 Arena. They are a mixture of some great stuff Raw's Randy Orton vs. Batista, Smackdown's Swagger, Edge, Jericho Triple Threat are great matches and certainly highlights. However, much of the rest is the kind of filler that WWE has been producing ever since they have gone PG and introduced the Guest Host idea. As for the guest host, David Hasselhoff does an ok job and the fact I got to see six Divas in red swimsuits should be a plus, but as it was all played for laughs, it was a little embarrassing and not as funny or sexy as they would have hoped.
Those of you who watch WWE regularly maybe in agreement that there are times when it isn't the best show in the world. This is where these UK shows suffer. It's not that they are awful, there are some great matches and some good moments, but having to watch essentially a week of wrestling is a little odd. I do think that maybe WWE should edit these shows so that all we get are the matches or highlights from the tour that went alongside them. During this particular tour, I was at the Liverpool Raw show and if there had been one of the matches from that it would have been far more interesting personally. The inclusion of two past matches from the UK makes the set a bit more interesting and certainly a classic match between The Rockers and The Rougeaus from 1989 and an Intercontinetal Championship match between Bret Hart and 'The Model' Rick Martel are both great and shows just how good Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart always were no matter who they were wrestling or where.
WWE Live in the UK: April 2010 is not a bad DVD and as a record of the tour it is nice for those who attended the shows. However, I do think that they should think about editing to just include the matches next time and then maybe we would have something to shout about.

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