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Ju-on: White Ghost & Ju-on: Black Ghost

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Two films on one disc
Certificate: 15
Running Time: 121
Retail Price: £15.99
Release Date:
Content Type: Movie

Ju-on: White Ghost A son brutally and methodically murders all five of his family members after failing the bar exam. He then hangs himself. At the moment of his death, he made a cassette tape recording in which he can be heard saying "I'll go, I'll go soon...". On the same tape can be heard the eerie sound of a young girl's voice. It is the voice of Mirai, who was a friend of Akane, whilst at primary school. Mirai was a victim of the mass family slaughter incident. Akane, who is now a senior high school student, has had a strong ESP power since childhood. Suddenly one day Mirai appears in front of her, wearing the yellow cap and red backpack of a primary school student. The terror is just about to begin...

Ju-on: Black Ghost: Nurse Yuko is left in charge of a young girl called Fukie, and begins to experience strange things. Medical examinations reveal that there is a "cyst" in Fukie's body. The cyst is actually an unborn one that is full of hatred for mankind and curses everyone around her. Yuko's neighbour is taken by a girl in black, and Fukie's father commits a murder and goes insane. Fukie's mother has to rely on the special psychic powers of Fukie's younger sister to help drive out the evil spirit. However, the exorcism eventually fails, and the worst grudge yet begins…

Special Features:

Video Tracks:
Anamorphic Widescreen 1.78:1

Audio Tracks:
Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo Japanese

Subtitle Tracks:

Directed By:
Ryûta Miyake
Mari Asato

Written By:

Hiroki Suzuki, Ichirôta Miyakawa, Natsuki Kasa, Akina Minami, Marika Fukunaga, Chie Amemiya, Aimi Nakamura, Akiko Hoshino, Eiichi Ôkubo, Sumire Arai, Yasuo Gotô, Mihiro, Chinami Iwamoto, Shûsei Uto, Takuji Suzuki, Yoshinori Edagawa, Tsuyoshi Muro
Kôji Seto, Kuniteru Shigeyama, Kana Tsugihara, Ai Kago ,Shinji Nomura,
Michiko Iwahashi, Yuno Nakazono, Ichirôta Miyakawa, Hana Matsumoto, Ayato Kosugi, Kôzô Satô, Masanobu Katsumura, Ryôta Matsushima, Shûsei Uto, Yuri Nakamura, Ryûnosuke Hashino, Yoshimi Tachi, Maria Takagi

Casting By:
Yasuko Anjô

Soundtrack By:
Gary Ashiya

Director of Photography:
Kôji Kanaya
Shin Hayasaka

Yoshifumi Fukazawa

Production Designer:
Shinpei Inoue

Hideyuki Fukuhara
Tomoyuki Hara
Takashige Ichise

Executive Producer:
Kazuo Katô

4Digital Media

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