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    Billy Connolly: Live in New York and Was it Something I Said? Double Pack

    10 / 10

    Billy Connolly is the king of stand-up comedy. Don't argue. Don't argue. Don't give me Jack Dee, Jimmy Carr and don't you dare mention Peter Kay. Don't! I can feel you starting to argue for someone else. Stop right there. No one is as funny or as consistently funny as Billy Connolly. Since the 1970s and his infamous appearances on Parkinson he has gone from strength to strength and has produced numerous DVDs and travelogues for Scotland, Australia and New Zealand amongst others. Everything he observes is hilarious and perfectly pitched. His ability to talk about something for a few minutes and then leave on a tangent for days and then return to the subject is remarkable and his ability to shock, turn the air blue with foul language and still be genuinely warm and appealing is miraculous. He even references his controversial comment about Kenneth Bigley saying: 'This show is for people with a sense of humour!'

    This set contains his last two concert DVDs Live in New York, recorded in 2005 during his 'Two Old to Die Young Tour' and Was It Something I said? , recorded in Adelaide during his 2006 tour. Both concerts are unique and unlike a lot of comedians who need to repeat tried and tested routines there is very little cross over and only his discussion of Opera is in both, but both are uniquely different and still as hilarious as each other. Of the two, it's difficult to say which is better as both have their moments with Live in New York's hilarious trip to the movies a highlight for me 'You don't have ice-cream? No. We have pizza. Oh, really? Sorry I had a fancy for a plate of stew!'

    My only problem with this set is the lack of extras. By lack, I mean nothing, no backstage footage, photo galleries or even a highlight reel from the rest of the tour. It is a shame, as there is very little reason to watch again other to enjoy it. The other thing that is odd is the selection of these two for a set as they are not the best of Billy Connolly, but it has to be said that even an average Billy Connolly concert is a hundred times better than any other stand-up around.

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