Review for Robot Chicken: Star Wars

9 / 10

Robot Chicken: Star Wars is possibly the funniest thing I have ever seen. As a long-time Star Wars fan I fell on the floor roaring with laughter at the in-jokes, asides and things that only a true Star Wars fan would actually get. In typical Robot Chicken style, a use of stop motion animation to parody the subject is just perfect. This involves The Emperor finding out about the destruction of the Death Star and a wonderful take on the Princess Leia rescue. If you are not a Star Wars fan there's going to be a lot of the jokes and references that will go over your head, but I think that is what makes this show so special as it feels like they didn't care and it was made for the Star Wars fans, not caring whether the casual fan would get the reference to 'Naboobies' or 'Picking up Power Converters'.

This disk is packed to the hilt with extras including behind the scenes and commentaries that show just how much love was put into this episode. By not targeting just one of the films, you will have had to watch all of the films to get the jokes, but then that is the beauty of this parody. After watching this I had a desire to go watch Star Wars (Though not Attack of the Clones obviously) and if you are a Star Wars fan or a fan of comedy this is a great look at the Star Wars Universe from a comedic point of view.

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