Forbidden Planet

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Main Artist: Louis and Bebe Barron

About this CD:
The 1956 soundtrack for MGM's Forbidden Planet is today recognized as the first entirely electronic score for a film.  Eerie and sinister, the soundtrack was unlike anything that audiences had heard before.  Music historians have often noted how groundbreaking the soundtrack was in the development of electronic music.

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Release Date: 20/04/2011

Track Listing:
1. Main Title/Overture
2. Deceleration
3. Once Around Altair
4. Landing
5. Flurry Of Dust/A Robot Approaches
6. Shangri La In The Desert/Garden With Cuddly Tiger
7. Graveyard/A Night With Two Moons
8. Robby Make Me A Gown
9. Invisible Monster Approaches
10. Robby Arranges Flowers Zaps Monkey
11. Love At The Swimming Hole
12. Morbius's Study
13. Ancient Krell Music
14. Mind Booster/Creation Of MatterSide B
15. Krell Shuttle Ride And Power Station
16. Giant Footprints In The Sand
17. Nothing Like This Claw Found In Nature
18. Robby, The Cook, And 60 Gallons Of Booze
19. Battle With Invisible Monster
20. Come Back To Earth With Me
21. Monster Pursues/Morbius Is Overcome
22. Homecoming
23. Overture Reprise

Louis and Bebe Barron

Louis and Bebe Barron

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