Review for WWE Royal Rumble 2023

This year’s Royal Rumble was filled with fantastic moments and one of the best I have seen in a long while. Yes there are some downs along the way, but they are such minor things that it does not effect the enjoyment of the event. The musical spot by Hardy (who to be honest I thought was going to be Matt or Jeff) was fine, but I was expecting some kind of Bad Bunny moment, but not to be.

Both Royal Rumbles had worthy winners and so I had no issue with the ending of either and both were entertaining to watch. Highlights include the performances of Gunther, Rhea Ripley and Liv Morgan. My only issue with the matches were that apart from one or two moments there was very little that was memorable to speak of, but that is not to say the matches were not great as they really were and this was the first time in a long while that I have had no issue with the outcome.

Bray Wyatt against LA Knight in a Mountain Dew Lights Out match looked amazing and the use of UV lights was great. The match? Not so much and to be honest there wasn’t much of a match to speak of and really only had the end surprise that was impressive.

Bianca Belair against Alexa Bliss was pointless. It did nothing for either of them and I was really expecting there to be some call backs to all the creepy elements of the Uncle Howdy character and though they do it wasn’t as satisfying as it should have been.

Roman Reigns against Kevin Owens was a fantastic match and proof that in the right storyline Owens can be a convincing main eventer. The story with Sami Zayn has been amazing and this was the perfect ending to this story. A great match that did exactly what it needed to.

The only extra is the Press Conference featured Rhea Ripley, Bray Wyatt, Cody Rhodes, Triple H all answering questions and this is interesting, though I do wish they would separate it into individual chapters to make it easier to watch. It is a shame they don’t include anything else as the fallout after the maim event was important and hopefully they cover this on the next PPV release.

Royal Rumble 2023 was one of the most satisfying Rumbles in a long while. This is my favourite match type and I love that I can watch two of them and be happy with them. The Raw Women’s and Mountain Dew Lights Out matches were passable, but not unwatchable and the Reigns/Owens match was part of the best storyline this year. This is one of the few PPVs I would happily watch again and would recommend this to everyone.

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