Review for WWE Survivor Series 2021

7 / 10

Survivor Series is the last PPV of 2021 and I really wish this wasn't how the year ended for WWE. Six matches (Seven including the Kickoff-more on that later) seems pitiful in comparison to most PPVs. This is not say it was an awful PPV, just one that really could have done more. The problem with this PPV is that it has essentially become Smackdown vs. Raw and thus it's just a version of Bragging Rights and so none of the outcomes actually mean anything.

In a Champion vs. Champion match, Becky Lynch went up against Charlotte Flair in probably one of the best women's matches that has ever been. I was stunned by how good this was and for those (like me) who hate the push that Charlotte always gets, this match should shut us all up and show just why she gets the push she does.

Of the two Traditional Survivor Series matches the men's was much more enjoyable. The women's one just seemed to lack any focus and this was a shame as both had stacks of talent, but these were nowhere near the quality of previous matches.

The Tag Champions of RK-Bro and The Usos faced off in a pretty good match. My only real issue with this was that it needed something to make it more entertaining such as a Ladder or Elimination stipulation. Both teams worked well and showed why they were at the top of their divisions.

The Battle Royale to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of The Rock's debut was really just a bathroom break and totally skippable. It was not given enough time to mean anything and I felt like it was building up to an appearance by The Rock, but not to be.

Finally, we have the only time when Roman Reigns could have lost and still kept his belt... yet didn't. Against WWE Champion Big E, he really needed to establish himself as a dominant champion, but instead this felt like another by the numbers match. This is a shame as there are moments of greatness by both and I enjoyed the match, it just did not have the outcome I expected.

When I saw this was a Blu-ray I jumped for joy. I expected extras from Raw and Smackdown, multiple extra matches... and then saw 'Kickoff Match'... and that is it. To me, the Kickoff Match is almost the bare minimum that I would expect and so the fact this is a 'Blu-ray Exclusive' is quite insulting and a shame. This match features US Champion Damien Priest against Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura wasn't a bad match, but could have gone longer and really meant something more.

Survivor Series 2021 has some amazing matches, but just felt like this is the PPV when they could have tried something new, with no chance of titles changing there was no risk. Yet, no risks and so no rewards. However, if you want to watch one of the finest women's matches in years then you might want to survive watching this PPV.

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