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    Planetes - Collector's Edition

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    A classic series from the creator of Code Geass.
    Certificate: 12
    Running Time: 650 mins
    Retail Price: £59.99
    Release Date:
    Content Type: TV Series

    The year is 2075 - a future in which widespread commercial space travel is not just a dream but a reality, and where the Moon has been transformed into a bustling colony. However, all of the advancements in science and technology which brought about this intergalactic dream have also caused an exponential growth in a major peril for spacefarers - space debris.

    Enter the crew of the DS-12 "Toy Box", part of Technora Corporation's Space Debris section who are tasked with clearing up the dangerous detritus floating in Earth's orbit which threatens to cause a catastrophe if left unchecked. It's a far from glamorous job, as newcomer Ai Tanabe quickly learns as she joins the crew to find an underfunded but passionate group of larger-than-life characters who are dedicated to their under-appreciated craft.

    So begins a sci-fi series the likes of which you've never seen before, as ordinary people make their way through the extraordinary vastness of space in search of their hopes and dreams - a journey which can be as dangerous as it is uplifting.

    Special Features:
    • Clean Openings
    • Clean Endings
    • Picture Dramas
    • TV Promos
    • Digital Comics
    • Tanaka Kazunari visits JAXA
    • Disassembled Opening
    • Art Gallery
    • Japanese Cast & Crew Commentary - Episodes 1, 10, 12, 16, 24, 25 and 26

    Comes pack in a rigid case with a Digipak case to hold the 3 Blu-ray discs

    Also included is an 84-page booklet of character artwork.

    Video Tracks:
    1.78:1 widescreen 1080p

    Audio Tracks:
    DTS-HD MA 5.1 Surround Japanese
    DTS-HD MA 2.0 Stereo Japanese
    DTS-HD MA 2.0 Stereo English

    Subtitle Tracks:

    Directed By:
    Goro Taniguchi

    Written By:

    Kazunari Tanaka
    Satsuki Yukino
    Ai Orikasa
    Aikou Ogata
    Kumiko Watanabe
    Maiko Itou
    Takehito Koyasu
    Tetsuo Goto
    Julie Ann Taylor
    Kirk Thornton
    Doug Stone
    Jamieson Price
    Kate Higgins
    Lia Sargent
    Steve Schatzberg
    Wendee Lee

    Music From:
    Kotaro Nakagawa

    Director of Photography:
    Souta Ooya

    Seiji Morita

    Atsushi Yukawa
    Chiyuki Uehara
    Jun Yakawa
    Tomoyuki Uehara
    Yoshitaka Kawaguchi

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