WWE The Attitude Era Vol 2

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What does everybody want?

Head to the nearest man cave, give your boss a Stone Cold salute and spend the next six hours watching The Attitude Era Vol.2, the hottest set to be released since Sable’s handprint bikini. If you are old enough to order a Steve-Weiser, “Hello ladies” was your pick up line in college and you loved WWE before “Federation” became the new “F” word, then here is what you need to do. Take this all new collection, shine it up real nice, flip it sideways and stick it straight up… your Blu-ray player!!

Slammy Awards – 16 March 1997
Miss Slammy Swimsuit Competition
Sunny vs. Sable vs. Marlena vs. The Funkettes

Raw – 29 December 1997
Owen Hart vs. Shawn Michaels

Raw – 26 January 1998
New Age Outlaws vs. Cactus Jack & Chainsaw Charlie

Royal Rumble – 18 January 1998
WWE Intercontinental Championship Match
The Rock vs. Ken Shamrock

Raw – 13 April 1998
Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Mr. McMahon

Raw – 20 April 1998
Owen Hart & Legion of Doom vs. Triple H & New Age Outlaws

Raw – 8 June 1998
D-Generation X Takes New York

Raw – 6 July 1998
Falls Count Anywhere #1 Contender’s For WWE Championship Match
Mankind vs. “Kane”

Fully Loaded – 26 July 1998
Bikini Contest
Sable vs. Jacqueline

Raw – 3 August 1998
Val Venis & Taka Michinoku vs. KaiEnTai

Raw – 14 September 1998
WWE Championship Match
Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Ken Shamrock

Raw – 21 September 1998
Boot Camp Match for Al Snow’s Contract
Al Snow vs. Sgt. Slaughter

Raw – 28 September 1998
Six-Man Elimination #1 Contender’s Match for European Championship
Edge vs. Gangrel vs. D’Lo Brown vs. Jeff Jarrett vs. Droz vs. Marc Mero

Raw – 23 November 1998
WWE Championship Match
The Rock vs. X-Pac

Rock Bottom – 13 December 1998
Godfather & Val Venis vs. Mark Henry & D’Lo Brown

Raw – 11 January 1999
Triple H vs. Edge

Raw – 1 March 1999
Kane’s Career on the Line
Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Kane

Raw – 15 March 1999
WWE Hardcore Championship Match
Hardcore Holly vs. Bad Ass Billy Gunn

Raw – 5 April 1999
Handicap Match
Big Show vs. Triple H & The Rock

Raw – 12 April 1999
WWE Intercontinental Championship Match
Goldust vs. Godfather

Shotgun Saturday Night – 17 April 1999
Hardy Boyz vs. Edge & Christian

Raw – 17 May 1999
Casket Match
The Rock vs. Undertaker

Heat – 13 June 1999
WWE Intercontinental Championship Match
Jeff Jarrett vs. Test

Raw – 9 August 1999
WWE Tag Team Championship Match
Acolytes vs. Kane & X-Pac

Raw & Smackdown
Mark Henry Sex Therapy Sessions

Raw – 14 February 2000
Mark Henry and Mae Young Get a Room

Raw – 13 March 2000
WWE European Championship Triple Threat Match
Kurt Angle vs. Chris Jericho vs. Tazz

Raw – 8 May 2000
WWE Intercontinental Championship Match
Chris Jericho vs. Kurt Angle

Heat – 18 June 2000
Eddie Guerrero vs. Dean Malenko

Smackdown – 24 August 2000
Intergender Tag Team Match
The Rock & Lita vs. Kurt Angle & Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley

Heat – 17 September 2000
WWE Women’s Championship Triple Threat Match
Lita vs. Ivory vs. Jacqueline

Raw – 5 June 2000
WWE Hardcore Championship Match
Gerald Brisco vs. Crash Holly

King of the Ring – 25 June 2000
WWE Hardcore Championship Evening Gown Match
Gerald Brisco vs. Pat Patterson

Raw – 31 July 2000
Intergender Tag Team Match
The Rock & Lita vs. Triple H & Trish Stratus

Special Features:
Raw – 20 April 1998
The Undertaker Attends His Parents’ Funeral

Heat – 2 August 1998
#1 Contender’s Match for the WWE Tag Team Championship
Kane & Mankind vs. Owen Hart & The Rock

Raw – 3 August 1998
Golga vs. Marc Mero

Raw – 4 January 1999
WWE Hardcore Championship Match
Al Snow vs. Road Dogg

Raw – 3 May 1999
Lumberjack Match
Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. The Rock

Heat – 16 May 1999
Gangrel & Christian vs. Droz & Prince Albert

Smackdown – 16 September 1999
WWE Championship Match
Triple H vs. Mr. McMahon

Raw – 27 December 1999
Mark Henry and Mae Young Double Date

Raw – 31 January 2000
The APA Opens Their Doors

Fully Loaded – 23 July 2000
Last Man Standing Match
Triple H vs. Chris Jericho

Blu-Ray Special Features

All Aboard

Driving with Mr. Long

Ice Cube

Damn: Look At That Outfit

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