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    Hellsing Ultimate Parts 5-8 Coming to DVD and Blu-ray in May

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    Some horror thrives on understatement: the unexplained noise, a fleeting shadow, unsettling whispers. Hellsing Ultimate is having none of that - the eagerly-awaited Volume 5-8 Collection dials the action up to eleven with a rip-roaring, eye-popping, adrenaline-crazed orgy of action as Alucard, Integra and Seras battle undead Nazis and fanatical priests in the burning streets of London. A gorgeous, gore-splattered rollercoaster of an anime, Hellsing Ultimate is a must for any horror fan.

    Volumes 5-8 of Hellsing Ultimate see Tomokazu Tokoro pass the directorial torch into the safe hands of Hiroyuki Tanaka, who helmed the critically-acclaimed Claymore, while production switches from Satelight to famed animation studio Madhouse (Death Note, Summer Wars, Wolf Children).

    London's burning in Hellsing Ultimate: Volumes 5-8 as assault zeppelins, SS vampires and pistol-toting Iscariot fanatics turn the UK capitol into a bloody ruin. The collection opens with vampire count Alucard trapped onboard an aircraft carrier in the middle of the Atlantic, giving the monstrous Major and his army of undead stormtroopers their opportunity to launch a full scale invasion of Britain. As Integra, Seras and the other operatives of the secret Hellsing Organisation fight to stem the Nazi tide and save the city, Alucard's old antagonist Alexander Anderson mobilises the hooded priests of Iscariot for war. The forces of Heaven and Hell will clash once more, and London is their battleground. But Alucard is also on his way …and the badass vampire is in no mood to show mercy.

    Hellsing Ultimate: Volume 5-8 Collection

    On DVD & Blu-Ray Monday 20th May 2013

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