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    Cine-Asia presents HKL - The Jackie Chan Collection!

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    Winner 'Best Picture' & 'Best Action Choreography'

    Regarded by fans and critics alike as the apex of Jackie Chan's celebrated career, Police Story breaks new ground with its breathtaking fights and incredible stunt sequences. Featuring a top-notch cast, which includes multi-award-winning actresses Brigitte Lin & Maggie Cheung, director Chan combines a compelling storyline of an honest cop on the run from a false murder charge with dynamic visuals and full-blooded fight action which is electrified with emotional underscoring.

    In the case of this particular project the price of excellence was high, with many of Jackie's elite stunt team being seriously injured during the course of principal photography. The opening bus sequence alone sent 4 stunt players to hospital for a long term vacation, and Jackie has been unable to get insurance coverage for any of his Hong Kong projects ever since.

    One of the most influential films ever to come out of Hong Kong, Police Story is now fully restored and digitally re-mastered for its premiere UK DVD release. A fitting tribute to one of the best loved action-adventure stars of all time!  (£17.99 R.R.P  Cert 15)


    Overall winner for best action choreography at the Hong Kong critics awards. Regarded by fans and critics alike as the apex of Jackie Chan's celebrated career, Police Story breaks new ground with its breathtaking fights and incredible stunt sequences.

    The explosive sequel to Jackie Chan's groundbreaking original, 'Police Story 2' is famous the World over for some of the most daring and inventive stunt sequences ever committed to film. Reprising his role as the irrepressible Hong Kong 'super-cop' Ka Kui, Jackie Chan is triumphant in scene after scene of breath-taking action, as he puts his life on the line to combat ruthless kidnappers holding his city to ransom.

    Now fully restored and digitally re-mastered for its premiere UK DVD release, "Police Story 2: Special Collector's Edition", combines exhilarating fight sequences and matchless stunt action with an exciting array of special features to deliver one of the most collectable action DVD packages of the year! (£17.99 R.R.P Cert 15)


    Unshackled by the safety monitors of Hollywood Jackie Chan returns to old school hard action! (Daily Star)

    New Police Story shows fans both new and old that Jackie Chan is still the man for eye-popping action. The Police Story movies are regarded by fans and critics alike as the apex of Jackie Chan's celebrated career so it's no wonder that he's back as Detective Chan. This time the challenges for Chan are bigger than ever as he battles personal demons and goes head to head with a gang of vicious cop killers in a frenzy of "stylish, take-no-prisoners kung fu carnage". (Nuts) (£17.99 R.R.P Cert 15)

    All released on DVD 1st August 2011


    International box-office champion Jackie Chan cranks up the adrenaline for the no-holds-barred stunt-fest 'Dragon Lord', by combining dynamic sports action and bone-crunching martial arts, a formula later championed in the Stephen Chow smash-hit 'Shaolin Soccer'.

    Jackie plays 'Dragon', a talented young martial arts student and sports champion who falls in love with a beautiful young village girl, and, in his humorous struggle to win her over, gets caught up in a dangerous plot to smuggle precious artefacts out of China.

    Featuring an explosive, jaw-dropping 20-minute fight finale with Hapkido Grandmaster Wong In-sik, 'Dragon Lord' showcases some of the best stunt-action of Jackie's celebrated career, and set a new 'Guinness World Record' for the highest number of 'takes' (2900) required for a single sequence in a movie. (£17.99 R.R.P Cert 18)


    Showcases the most powerful physical fight sequences of Jackie Chan's illustrious career!

    International action-superstar, Jackie Chan, plays Fung Tat, a hard-hitting cop who sacrifices his dreams to care for his only brother: a childlike innocent whose endearing simplicity renders him an unsuspecting victim of a kidnap conspiracy.

    In a deadly race against the clock, Fung is torn between duty and devotion, as he risks everything in a daring attempt to liberate his brother in exchange for a top-level police informant.

    Combines emotion, drama and world-class fight and Stunt sequences in one explosive package! (£17.99 R.R.P Cert 18)


    Celebrate some of the greatest action-sequences ever filmed with the star of Rush Hour, Shanghai Noon and The Tuxedo.

    Join the greatest team in the history of action cinema (Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung and Yuen Biao) for an incredible, thrill-a-minute adventure where three madcap friends go head-to-head with Hong Kong's toughest crime syndicate.

    Jam-packed with full-contact fight action, bone-crunching high-falls and acrobatic genius, Dragons Forever is a hi-octane treat that will thrill you to the bone! Jackie Chan's one-on-one climactic fight sequence with legendary undefeated kick-boxing champion, Benny 'The Jet' Urquidez, will literally leave you breathless! (£17.99 R.R.P Cert 18)


    AT LAST - THE COMPLETE UNCUT VERSION - After 29 years of waiting, "Way of the Dragon" is now available to UK audiences as director Bruce Lee intended. Now re-instated are the 10 mins of incredible hi-impact fight footage previously prohibited by the BBFC, including Bruce's stunning double nunchaku battle sequence, which is totally unique to this movie.

    In the only self-directed project from Bruce Lee's short but prolific career, he plays Tang Lung, defender of his fellow countrymen, when they come under vicious attack from mafia enforcers.

    Possessing a gentle and sometimes self-effacing humour, "Way of the Dragon" was a sensation during its initial release back in 1972. Capturing the spirit of the great historical battles fought between gladiators in the Roman Colosseum, Bruce makes full use of this stunning location, when he squares off against Karate legend Chuck Norris for one of the most exciting one-on-one encounters ever committed to celluloid.

    This groundbreaking DVD package is the ultimate home cinema version for one of the most loved and respected martial arts movies of all time. Packed with a stunning array of collectable extra features and showcasing a brand new restored and digitally re-mastered anamorphic transfer, "Way of the Dragon: 2 Disc Ultimate Edition" is a dream come true for Bruce Lee fans everywhere! (£17.99 R.R.P Cert 18)

    All released on DVD 22nd August 2011

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