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'MyReviewer' extends a warm invitation for you to join our band of independent book reviewers.

You will have the opportunity to share your thoughts about the books you read with a growing audience of book lovers. Invite your friends to look in and ask them to comment on what you have written. Share what you enjoyed and why you enjoyed them, helping others to select the books they read based on others' views rather than the attractive nature of the book covers.

Our established reviewers get review copies from publishers but they do expect reviews to be posted.

MyReviewer is not tied to any publishing house, retailer or authors, we just enjoy reading books, and looking at DVDs.

There are only two skills you need to join us:
  1. Be able to write a review that others can read
  2. Give a clear sense of why the book is worth reading

If you have any questions or would like some help please ask me at divad[at]moc.reweiverym

If you are ready to post a review just click on the 'Add a Review' button, when you have written the review, we will add any graphics and let you know when this has been done so you can invite your friends to comment on what you have written.

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