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    Anime Review Roundup

    A Spring of Bumper Anime Sorted

    Release dates and announcements have been forthcoming this week, from both Manga and MVM, so take note, as they may just put a smile on your face come spring 2011.

    MVM have a release date for The Tower of Druaga. It's April 4th, 2011, and although there needs a little clarity on their website when it comes to cover art and disc details, it looks as if it will be the first half of the series, The Aegis of Uruk, 13 episodes spread across 2 discs. April 4th is also a date to note, as MVM have sorted out the issues that had left their Chobits licence in limbo, and the individual volumes vanishing from most retailers. Next spring will see the return of this fan favourite to shop shelves, in a complete series boxset.

    Manga's date is March 14th, 2011, and it's on that date that they will be releasing some juicy looking collections. No longer the half season, or even season boxsets for them. They're looking to complete series boxsets, and it's on that date you'll be able to get your hands on the complete 8-disc collection of Soul Eater. They've also redefined the definition of a series for Naruto, where previously 26 episodes were enough. Now, the complete first series of Naruto Shippuden will gather 52 episodes, all 4 parts of the series released so far on 8 discs. Again March 14th 2011 is the date, and the RRP for both collections will be £59.99.

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    I have two reviews for you this week, two reviews with which to wind up the year, and which will hopefully go some way to digesting that turkey. The first review proves that there is indeed light at the end of the tunnel, as I finally put the capper on perhaps the most tedious reviewing experience of a perfectly enjoyable and entertaining show I've ever had. Kurau Phantom Memory: Volume 6 is the disc, and it's been a series that defies critical appreciation, being just good enough to enjoy, but not singular enough to elicit enthusiasm. I'm looking forward to watching it again, because next time I won't have to write about it with a thesaurus at hand, looking for ways to apply 'mediocre', 'average', and 'mundane' without sounding denigrating. At least the ending delivers in terms of satisfaction.

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    And at least the last review of 2010 left me with a smile on my face, and a degree of satisfaction that I had at least watched something that made me want to communicate my joy in written form. That's Soul Eater Part 4 for you, the conclusion of the quirky, stylish and absolutely gorgeous anime from Studio Bones. It's a bit of everything, a rather genre typical storyline, of good guy versus bad guys, and plenty of powering up, but with production values which are usually applied to a show with greater narrative import, and layered with style, finesse, energy and imagination that comes from the very creative, cutting edge of anime, dripping with visual originality. It's a show that everyone can enjoy, and be impressed with, and this final instalment ends the story on a high.

    ADV released Kurau Phantom Memory: Volume 6 in the US alone back in 2008, and you'll have to import it. Soul Eater: Part 4 comes out today, courtesy of Manga Entertainment.

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