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    Amanda Seyfried Q & A

    Q: How did you get the role?

    AS: I got the script. I had a meeting with Marty Bowen and with Wyck Godfrey, Tucker Tooley.

    Q: So they were after you, not you after them.

    AS: What? Oh no, it starts off as a mutual kind of passion. And then you realize that they definitely want you to audition 'cause they don't know if you're good enough! I'm just kidding. But Chan and Lasse, I met Lasse in Stockholm, at the Press Corps. And we had lunch and then Chan was already involved. He and I met, and then I saw Lasse again with Chan. We did the chemistry reads. And then from there it was like a normal process. It was good.

    Q: How was it important for a movie like that to click with your co-star?

    AS: It depends if your co-star is very unlike you, or just very serious, or just different. it may be hard. But I think Chan and I think alike and I think because he's so playful, he brought out the best in me in that role. And we don't take anything seriously on set. Except the work. But the camera only rolls like three minutes an hour, so you have no choice but to try to make the time worthwhile and have a good time. So that's what we did actually.

    Q: So Jenna (Dewan) was obviously there visiting.

    AS: Yeah.

    Q: I mean, like visiting you, did the four of you hang out as a foursome, or do you tend to do your own thing?

    AS: Oh no. The funny thing is, whenever Dom (Cooper) or Jenna (Dewan) came in to town, you wouldn't see us, so, like, we would disappear. I mean, if Jenna was coming in, I'd be like, okay. I'll see you at work. 'Cause, it's hard when you don't see people. It's like, you literally have to disappear and hide. You have to go into hiding because you want to spend as much time as you can. You want that time to be perfect. Not that perfect means alone in a hole, but, you know.

    Q: How did you approach the role? Did you need the book? Would you do something like you did, like, giving up a love, a lifetime?

    AS: I get what she did. It makes sense. I mean, she's protecting a child. Marrying him maybe shut her off from being able to love somebody else the right way. But I think it was right of her to sacrifice that for a child and for Tim because, you know, he's battling cancer. He, at some point, will go through with the worst so I understand. It's frustrating when you see John and her back together at the end, after six years. You see that there's just so much there. In the behavior, in the thoughts, but yeah, I get it. I support that decision.

    Q: When you say the character is similar to you, what's on your mind?

    AS: Well, she's just young. Overminded. Excited about life. Confident. Knows herself. I connect to a lot of that. She had a normal upbringing. Nothing weighing her down. And there are a lot of reasons that don't really turn on. I mean, she doesn't suffer from anxiety. And she grew up in an affluent society, family. But, she's normal, she's a pretty normal girl and I'd like to consider myself being normal.

    Q: What about yourself? Is there anything you'd change?

    AS: Yes. Let me think. I would like to not eat so much. No, no, I mean, I tend to overdo it on the sugar. And sugar is not good for you. And I tend to overdo it on the cheese. Another thing that is really, really not good for you.

    Q: You're only forty-five. You have nothing to worry about, trust me.

    AS: I am about forty-five, yeah, I know. No, I don't smoke, and I definitely don't drink too much. But I curse and I don't like to drive.

    Q: Yeah. What about the singing sequence? Have you been talked into it? Did you ask for it, or they suggested the singing?

    AS: Lasse is a big fan of mine, and me of him. Like, just as were friends, we love each other to a point. So Chan has the same relationship with us. Like, we all are great and I think it was the last day. It was the night before the last day and he wanted to shoot some montage sequences, and so he asked me to bring my guitar and then I was like, all right, fine. He wants me to play something, so I played something and I played it 'cause I knew it.

    And I remember those lyrics more than I used to. And so I was asked to record it in a studio.

    Q: Did you play only guitar or do you have other instruments?

    AS: No, I play piano. My friend, Gary, who is a director, he got me a piano.

    Q: Nice gift. How many years?

    AS: Four. Four really. Like, having lessons. But I play all the time now that I have a piano. But the sad thing is he lives in New York. He had it sent to L.A. to surprise me and now I'm moving back to New York, so I have to send it all the way back. I'm just worried what will happen in transit.

    Q: You said you eat too much, but you don't look like it…

    AS: No I don't...

    Q: Do you work out a lot or...?

    AS: I work out a lot. I was speaking with a woman like an hour ago and she asked me what was my must-have beauty secret is. I'm just like, working out, 'cause it makes you glow and it makes you feel good.

    Q: What do you do?

    AS: It makes you feel, not so guilty for eating cheese, but it's really bad for you.

    Q: So what do you do to your work out? I mean, do you just go to the gym, or do you have some...

    AS: No, I have a trainer that I do pilates with and actually, I've taken ballet classes in the studio near my house, which is helping me with my wonderful poise.

    Q: Do you love romantic movies, and if, so which ones are on your list of those I really love?

    AS: Romeo and Juliet. Leo diCaprio inspired me to a point where I feel like this is probably the reason that I'm here today doing what I'm doing. And Pride and Prejudice. Keira Knightley. I think it's her best work. She is so inspiring in that movie. It was so beautifully shot and dark and real. It was great. Dirty Dancing was one of the first, everybody is really loving in the movie. Oh God. Love stories. Oh, Untamed Heart. Do you know that movie? Christian Slater. That was one of my favorite movies.

    I'm just thinking of movies that really inspired me when I was younger. And I still can watch and just get choked up and desperately watch that the ending will change for them. No matter how many times I saw them. Leo diCaprio's characters die at the end. I just always… I don't know. It evoked in me something that definitely struck me.

    Q: If it's not an acting career, where would you go? To music? What about that choice? What about fashion?

    AS: No. I don't know. I don't think music. I don't think any of that. I would just start walking dogs. I love animals. I'm obsessed. I'm really obsessed.

    Q: Do you have pets?

    AS: I have a cat and a dog. And they're my life. The cat not so much anymore. The dog came in and it kind of stole my heart, but they are great. I don't know. I don't know what I'd do, honestly. But who knows? I would move to New York or London and pursue something. Maybe, music. I'm really interested in the composition of soundtracks in movies.

    Q: And what about fashion? Can you talk a little bit about how big you are in fashion? And how much do you follow fashion and what is your favorite designer?

    AS: When I find something I like, I wear it every day. I like Alexander Wang and Stella McCartney. And I always say that. A lot of people, you know, say, you know, you should have a lot of designers that you like, 'cause, you know, someone will read that you like them, or whatever, but, yeah, always I'm wearing Stella McCartney or Alexander Wang. It's the only thing I spend money on.

    Q: What is your thing? Do you have a favorite outfit?

    AS: The Stella McCartney dress I wore at the Premiere Monday. Love that dress.

    Q: How was your experience working with Rodrigo Garcia in Nine Lives, he's from Columbia, so I have to ask.

    AS: Oh he is from Columbia.

    Q: Yeah.

    AS: No, sorry. Yeah, duh, I know that. Yeah, it's amazing. He's amazing. He's like one of the, he's kind of … He's very gentle and very sensitive to women and their feelings. I don't know why, I mean, I do know why. He's always making songs about women, mother and child. He did To Father and Son, but Nine Lives was mostly about just centered around women. And, of course, John Dengsy, he's just so connected to the female mentality. And he's so fascinated 'cause he's such a big man and he's very masculine.

    Q: You've had an amazing couple of years. I mean, were you always like an ambitious person growing up, or...?

    AS: Yes. I was always acting out when I was growing up. I mean, teenage years were weird, and I was shy and stood out. But yeah, I kind of always wanted to do it. I used to stand in front of the mirror, trying to be a model.

    Q: Hmm. We all do that. Do you practice your lines in front of the mirror…

    AS: Sure. I mean, I know. You look just so bad, but, saying it out loud.

    DEAR JOHN is out on Blu-ray and DVD on 23rd August

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