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    Six More Sensational Shockers From The New Home Of Indie Horror

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    Brain Damage Films, the label dedicated to releasing new indie horror movies on DVD at a 'try it, you might like it' price, unleashes its second half-dozen of terrifying titles on 12th October 2009 bringing another creepy collection of bloodsuckers, cannibals, werewolves, demons and flesh-eaters to the screen just in time for Halloween.
    This second wave of crowd-pleasing blood, gore, nudity and violence includes AWAKEN THE DEAD, FIST OF THE VAMPIRE, BACHELOR PARTY IN THE BUNGALOW OF THE DAMNED, TASTE OF FLESH, CURSE OF THE WOLF and HELL HOUSE - THE BOOK OF SAMIEL, each one a shocker guaranteed to have horror fans baying with delight.

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    'A worthy addition to any zombie fan's collection' (JoeHorror.com) and 'one of those zombie films that you can't get enough of' (Horror-Movies.ca) see a priest with a troubled past and an assassin's daughter trapped together in a house surrounded by the undead. Connected by fate, they are forced to battle each other and the zombies outside as the secret threads of their past lives bind them together in a web of conspiracy and death. Their only hope for survival lies in facing their greatest fears and their darkest secrets. As the truth about them surfaces it becomes apparent that the real monsters may actually be inside and not outside the house.


    From Len Kabasinski, director of 'Curse Of The Wolf', comes FIST OF THE VAMPIRE, winner of the Best Horror Feature award at the 2007 Great Lakes Film Festival. Detective Lee Southward's latest assignment is to infiltrate an illegal underground fighting tournament and bring down the organizers. As he battles his way to the top of the tournament in an attempt to get closer to the organizers the clues he uncovers during the investigation take him back to an unsolved murder case from decades earlier. But that's not all. He quickly discovers the people he is trying to bring to justice are not even alive - they are members of the undead, flesh-craving zombies with an unquenchable blood lust. With the help of an undercover female office, Lee must fight his way through an underground world of sex, drugs and violence while attempting to stop the undead in their tracks.


    Sammy's got access to a genuine bungalow in the Hamptons and is about to throw the ultimate bachelor party for his best friend, Chuck. The only stipulation is that he must invite the house's caretaker, the prude yet sexually ambiguous Gordon, to the festivities. When a trio of gorgeous strippers arrives to give Chuck a taste of the lascivious delights he will soon forego, it looks being the best stag party ever. But what the guys was don't know, but are soon to find out, is the bungalow is possessed and soon to be filled with vampires. Even worse, Chuck's fiancée is about to turn up.


    When four hot young female co-eds receive an invitation to a rave they find out soon after arriving that it's not quite the party they were expecting. Instead, they become the prey of a stalker known as The Hunter and a brutal sadist called The Chef, who has countless sick and demented ways of creating a delightful menu that will satisfy The Hunter's craving for human flesh. Together, these two psychopaths are about to put a whole new slant on the phrase 'Don't play with your food'.


    Being a werewolf pretty much precludes having a normal life, but one monthly victim of the full moon is going to give it a shot. Dakota thinks she's got things under control until she tries to break the bonds of her furry, sharp-toothed comrades. They're not an accepting bunch, and they're determined to bring her back into the fold whether she likes is or not. Run as she might, they're on the hunt and using everything from their claws to hired guns to bring her back. When a lecherous night club owner gets in on the action it becomes a battle between Dakota's will to return to humanity and the influence of the creatures of the night who want to keep her in the dark.


    Before the beginning of time, Demons ruled the darkness. After humans took possession of the Earth, several books came into existence - books of ancient knowledge with pages containing rituals and incantations, one for each of the God Demons. The pages were to be used to banish the dark things that lurked in the shadows. Throughout the centuries, these books were passed down amongst an elite sect of soothsayers and have been highly sought after by the demons. Now those demons have found a way to re-enter this world to take back what has always been theirs. The awful truth is discovered lying dormant in an old house by a group of friends who must seek the aid of the last soothsayer if they are to stop the evil from returning to engulf the earth.

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