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Keep kids entertained with a new DVD release from BBC Worldwide - 3rd & Bird!: Muffin Land! released on 8th June 2009.

Fresh new pre-school series 3rd & Bird! is quickly becoming a firm favourite amongst young children, focusing around a vibrant community of birds that live, learn and play in the branches of a beautiful old tree. Created by Josh Selig and his company Little Airplane Productions, 3rd & Bird! uses Little Airplanes' own unique technique of photo-puppetry animation and is an irreverent, joyful series filled with humour, whistling, dancing and an eclectic cast of flying characters.

Muffin Land! is the second DVD release and contains eight more episodes that follow Muffin, an adorable young bird, as she explores her world and learns all about her community. For more information on the show, including free game and activity downloads visit www.3rdandbird.co.uk.

3rd & Bird: Muffin Land!

Release Date: 8th June 2009
CAT. Number: BBCDVD2910
Duration: 76 mins approx
RRP: £12.71

Contains the following episodes:

Muffin Land! - Muffin builds her own amusement park, Muffin Landand Samuel, Rudy and Mr. Beakman are the first to try out the rides but they all break. Muffin is disappointed but the older birds explain to her that it takes more than one bird to build an amusement park, and all she needs to do is ask for help. Muffin asks for help and together the birds fix-up Muffin Land and make it into a spectacular attraction for the whole community!

Muffin's Shop! - Muffin is playing shops but she has nothing to sell. She hops around the community innocently taking things that don't belong to her: Samuel's marbles, Mrs. Billingsley's watering can and Mr. Beakman's chalkboard duster. The community explains to her that she must always ask before taking something. Muffin apologises and the community decides to get their stuff back by playing shops with Muffin!

Dinosaur! - Muffin really wants to see a dinosaur, and is heartbroken when Mr. Beakman tells her they're no longer around. Samuel and Rudy build Muffin a giant papier-mâché dinosaur, but it scares her. Mr. Beakman helps Muffin to overcome her fear and she rides the dinosaur around the tree!

Go Camping! - Rudy, Quinn and Mr. Beakman are going camping with their Budgie troop and Muffin wants to come along. When Muffin gets homesick and wants to leave, it's up to Rudy and Samuel to show her the joys of camping.

Playhouse! - Muffin stumbles on Samuel and Rudy's playhouse, but they won't let her come in. She stomps away and Quinn helps her build her own playhouse, even better than theirs. When Samuel and Rudy ask to visit, Muffin won't let them. Mr. Beakman suggests they stop quarrelling and put the playhouses together. They take his advice and make the best playhouse ever.

Cowgirl! - After seeing a cowboy movie, Muffin decides she'd like to be a cowgirl but first she needs a hat. The kids get a hat from Mr. Beakman but now Muffin needs some boots. They get boots from Missy but now Muffin needs a horse! Muffin is disappointed when she realises there are no horses on 3rd & Bird and she can never be a cowgirl. Rudy and Samuel put their heads together and make a horse costume. Cowgirl Muffin rides through town at sunset. Yee haw!

Muffin's Plant! - Muffin comes upon a strange plant that she affectionately names Pee-Ew. Pee-Ew smells so terrible that no one wants the little plant in the tree. Muffin helps the community realise that they can't cast out this peculiar plant just because of its smell. The community works together to make a garden for Pee-Ew on 3rd & Bird.

Baby Jordan! - Mr. Beakman's 3-year-old nephew Jordan comes to visit and the town gushes over him. Muffin, however, is jealous of the attention. Despite everyone's attempts to bring them together, Muffin refuses to be friends with Jordan. But when the cute little Toucan offers her a flower, Muffin softens. Soon she and Jordan are best friends.

Extras - Baby Jordan dance, Samuel and Muffin's movie clip and behind the scenes of 3rd & Bird!


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Founded by Josh Selig in 1999, Little Airplane Productions created and produced The Wonder Pets! for Nick Jr., Go, Baby! for Playhouse Disney, Oobi! for NOGGIN (winner of a 2001 Gold Parents' Choice Award) and 3rd & Bird! for the BBC's CBeebies. Additionally, Josh Selig was the Head Writer for Little Bill on Nick Jr. He has received ten Emmy Awards for his writing on Sesame Street, and was the Resident Producer of the historic Israeli/Palestinian Sesame Street co-production (winner of the 1998 Japan Prize). Josh Selig writes a weekly column for Kidscreen Magazine called "Planet Preschool" which can be read at www.kidscreen.com. In 2008, Little Airplane was honoured to receive a Crain's Small Business Award. For more information about Little Airplane Productions please visit www.littleairplane.com.

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