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    MyReviewer.com - About Site Reviewers

    This article is part of a documentation project, to help people use the site.

    What are Site Reviewers?

    Anyone can post reviews and comments to our website, add their own products for review, contribute articles, and so on. However we maintain a core team of Site Reviewers, formed originally from the solid group of people that made DVD Reviewer such a diverse melting pot of opinion.

    These are people we trust to give products a proper going over, the ones that can be reached as a group of people via emailing various site specific addresses, and the ones we support in their dealings with PR companies.

    How do I become a Site Reviewer?

    Create an account, post your own original reviews, and prove you are the sort of person we'd love to join our team. We are always on the look out for good people, covering new types of products or bolstering our existing community.

    We want people who want to share their independent opinions, can do them constructively and meaningfully, in a way others want to read. If you are after it for fame (you won't get much!) or the freebies, this is the wrong place to ask.

    So if you can demonstrate you have the talent and drive, go ahead and do so, you will get noticed, and we may be in touch.

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